Which social networking choice for Rhino Universal

Which social networking choice for Rhino Universal

28.03.17 By Rhino Universal
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Which social networking choice for Rhino Universal

Rhino Universal has chosen to be present on certain social networks and not on all, as we see a lot.
This new site will develop a real Social Network strategy and this involves making content choices related to each network and integrates with our brand approach for Rhino Universal.

As you know, each social network has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as development that is sometimes contrary to the needs or positioning of a client. Others are straw fires that have involved a lot of effort to see them reduced to nothing when it goes away.
Some others are being redeemed and are changing strategies in order to integrate without competing with their new cousins ​​of the same ecosystem.
And finally, some social networks are reaching a stage of maturity which means that they no longer grow, or even decline; The fault of an audience that ends up abandoning them in favor of new emerging experiences.

The question that must be asked must therefore always be more rational and stem from a truly global strategy, integrating of course traditional communication tools.

What efforts I decide to make on social networks for what results?

What efforts I decide to make on social networks for what results; Such as brand awareness, positioning, increased sales, experience, etc. Here is the starting point of each decision on a particular social network.

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