New visual identity for Rhino Universal

New visual identity for Rhino Universal

28.03.17 By Rhino Universal
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Rhino Universal has a new visual identity, conceived as a brand, in order to open up new horizons for us.

Little backward, not on Rhino Universal, but on brands birth. Invented in the twelfth century, the brands were first of all coats of arms allowing the combatants to recognize themselves in the fray. The shield passed to banner, then to seal and lost its strictly military role; This gave birth to heraldic art and to the collections of seals already.

Forbidden to the revolution, then restored under the Empire, everyone could then wear a seal and not only the haves.

The seals became trademarks over the ages, and finally became brand in the sense we hear nowadays.

A brand is not just a logo as some people mistakenly believe. A brand is a marketing positioning translated into an image. It is also the universe of a company or a product, it is also a territory, a protection, a promise and much more.

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