Touching People

The mission of the communication agencies was first to transmit the message from a transmitter to a receiver. Then, they broadened the spectrum of their expertise by considering the fact of the word “communicare”, which came from Latin in the 14th century and means “to be in relation with”. So they have integrated the notions of sharing and commitment.

By widening our point of view, we realize that this is one of the main motivations of the human being, to communicate; Create contact and interact with family, friends, colleagues, clients, etc.
Without communication, families can’t flourishes, companies can’t thrives and any Society can run.

The vision of Rhino Universal is to return to these fundamentals by using all the present technologies to meet your multiple and constantly specific needs, always remembering that technology is nothing without the base idea, the percutent concept, and the purpose of everyone; touching people intellectually and emotionally.


For 26 years,
Rhino Universal is rewarded
by prestigious international awards

Rhino Universal is based in Geneva & Paris.

Antoine Savolainen
CEO & Creative Director

Antoine Savolainen is an expert in the advertising industry for more than 25 years. He has specialized in brands and mainly high added value products. His work is regularly rewarded with international prestigious awards. In particular, he won the world competition Print Magazine USA, Deutsche Telekom, European Design Awards, American Design Awards, he was for many years the European illustrator with the most global sales and orders by SIS in the USA, etc.

He also co-created the first French-speaking Switzerland school of multimedia designer in Fribourg, sanctioned by a State diploma.
His expertise in communication, illustration, photography and art allows him to approach each new challenge with a relevant and global vision.

Suzanne De Freitas
Senior Artistic Director

Graduated in graphic design and communication, Suzanne De Freitas began working in 1989 for a renowned sportswear company. A few years later, she started her own business and worked for added value clients mainly, in Switzerland and France.
With 25 years of experience in communication, she joined Rhino Universal in order to bring her wisdom, sensitivity, technic and broad spectrum expertise.
Suzanne De Freitas also works as a teacher in various communication schools where she shares her passion for design and beauty.

Reda Benkirane
Head of Digital

EPFL engineer and trained in marketing at ESCP, Reda Benkirane has spent most of his career in marketing and digital fields. He has worked several years for a big multinational company active in new technologies and digital. He was later in charge of developing and editing mobile Apps.

Reda today supports our clients in their digital transformation, bringing his know-how on strategy, communication and digital ecosystems.

Alexandre Renevey
Head of Animation & Game Design

Alexandre Renevey grew up with famous arcade games like Pac-Man. Several Game & Watch and console later, no longer allowed possible return: Alexander likes video games and will make it his job. He then began to draw his first games, then deals the Game Design and finally works on the conception. Becoming a multimedia designer, enabling him to enrich his knowledge by creating websites and apps became obvious.

25 years later, he still realizes his dream and reconciles with talented animations, digital tools and of course, video games for children and global reference companies such as Walt Disney.

Stefan Könnecke
Head of 3D

A graduate in telecommunication engineering, Stefan began his career by working for 12 years as a programmer analyst and later as IT project manager in the IT and banking sectors. He then undertook a professional retraining and became an industrial designer.
Since then, Stefan put this expertise at the service of watchmaking, luxury, architecture and communication.

Passionate by photography, he realizes pack-shot products and studio portraits.

Loic Hilaire
Head of Design

Loïc Hilaire is a multidisciplinary and experienced designer, specialized in added values product design mainly. After industrial design studies at the Kedge Design School in Toulon and IUT – University of Besançon, Loïc began his career at Malherbe design in Paris, then HD3 Complication and Cosanova design.
He subsequently worked for renowned Swiss watchmakers. All these opportunities have allowed him to acquire great skills today, mixing design, function and knowledge of market needs.

Passionate about aeronautics and the world to come, he loves pushing his limits to create products which capture the spirit of the times.

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